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Who We Are

Vesal&Co. Global Consultancy​

We are not just about capital. We are about growth. About culture. In the 1980’s Vesal&Co. was born as a regional advisory hub on finance and business, with a philanthropy wing for the promotion of arts and literature. But our global identity and goodwill stands on roots older than centuries.

The history of Vesals and our global cause for excellence of civility and culture, dates back to the 18th century and beyond. Today, the invaluable heritage of Shafic Vesal of Shiraz has travelled far from his home and household, kept dearly in the world’s highest beacons of grandeur. One of the numerous examples: Vesal’s calligraphy, preserved at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Children and adherents of Vesal excelled in the exaltation of their global outreach from their homeland of Shiraz, towards Kashmir to the East, and Jerusalem to the West. Amongst them, Farhang Vesal became the first jurist of the Orient to combine the profession of notary and legalization, with the sublime delicacy of visual arts.

Versed in English, French, Turkish and Arabic – apart from his native Persian in which he is revered as one of the greatest romantic poets of his era – Farhang Vesal introduced his pen-pal, Edward Granville Browne of Cambridge, to his side of the universe. Later on, Browne recorder his memorable visit with Farhang Vesal, and how that opportunity resulted in his lifelong devotion to a uniquely global canon of culture.

Like his father, Farhang Vesal’s masterpieces have gone beyond borders. A marriage contract drafted and artistically created by him is also maintained in the New York Metropolitan Museum. Several others are safeguarded in London, Paris, and of course within the circle of Vesal progeny.

The fervent yearning for global exhilaration went down from heart to heart in the chests of Vesal children, until in the 80’s that the exemplary visions and consummate qualifications of Shahram Farhang Vesal (the great-grandson of Farhang Vesal) culminated into Vesal&Co. Global Consultancy.

Today, we are globally yours across the plant. Our philosophy, based on eight pillars of interactive services, is to let you know how global your needs are, and how globally you can thrive. Hand in hand, we advise you on the extent your demands – big or small – can be qualified as global to their core. That is the unrivalled service we provide, through dynamic lenses compounded of legal, business, technology, education, etc. expertise.

And indeed, thanks to the diverse proficiencies of our network of top-notch experts, we provide you with solutions that are global: spanning across national frontiers, while absorbing every single chance available to enhance your interests, and guarantee your success.

Globally Yours
Globally Yours
Globally Yours