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Legal Services

Your Global Legal Support

Legal needs are integral to the activeness and vibrancy of any enterprise. With a proactive approach that aims at the global safeguarding and maximization of your interests, we serve you with unique packages of legal plans at four fronts:

  1. Corporate structuring in various countries/jurisdictions according to your specific aims and demands
  2. Negotiations, agreements, deals and contractual affairs in general, with a global view over your goals and desires
  3. Protection and promotion of your intellectual property and innovative ideas across the globe, from artistic and cultural creations, to commercial and technological objectives.
  4. Mitigation and resolution of your differences and disputes internally and externally, with your colleagues, competitors, and stakeholders at large


Your global incorporation, smart company structure and...

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Your global agreements, deals and...

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Intellectual Property

Your global innovations, artistic creations and...

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Dispute Resolution

Your global negotiations, differences and...

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